Tag: comfort

Air fried chicken fried steak

  It used to be multiple times a week, I would go to school, work my night job at a local seafood restaurant- it was on the water and one of my favorite things to do at closing was feed the leftover bread to the thousands of catfish that lived under the dock….

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frosted sugar cookies

  ¬†Heeeeeey! Woah… that’s a big cookie on the screen.   Y’all know those sugar cookies that come in the plastic clamshell container? You know the ones whose name sound like “soft house”? Of course you do… anyway- I always had a love hate relationship with them. First bite: I love. Third bite-…

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chicken noodle cassoulet

      Quite possibly the worst name ever… but my kids named it so what do you do? I’m open to other names. I made this a while back- in an attempt to get the nutrition of homemade bone broth and chicken soup into my two year old who just cannot eat…

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