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frosted sugar cookies

   Heeeeeey! Woah… that’s a big cookie on the screen.   Y’all know those sugar cookies that come in the plastic clamshell container? You know the ones whose name sound like “soft house”? Of course you do… anyway- I always had a love hate relationship with them. First bite: I love. Third bite-…

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You can’t buy Christmas

Life lately has been full of promise. Promises once  forgotten, and promises fulfilled . Hope for the future and excitement glittering in the background, despite a darkening world. And, as dark as this world can be, it’s necessary to look for the bright spots that are still there, flickering quietly. Christmas is different…

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glazed gingerbread scones

 glazed gingerbread scones- spicy pillows of fragrant bliss This is a re-visited post, I did this once before in the early days of this blog… you can see it here: gingerbread scones complete with crappy photographs. Now, the new, improved version has a printable recipe. Because you;re going to want to make these….

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