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chicken noodle cassoulet




Quite possibly the worst name ever… but my kids named it so what do you do? I’m open to other names. I made this a while back- in an attempt to get the nutrition of homemade bone broth and chicken soup into my two year old who just cannot eat soup without soaking himself.

At what age are kids soup trained? Asking for a friend.

So: I thickened up this soup with tons of tiny noodles, and threw in some big ones for the fun of it.

If risotto and chicken noodle soup had a baby… and the soup favored the noodle side. You get it. Creamy, toothy and hearty and nourishing. All that jazz.

The kind of meal that warms your soul, makes your house smell like a home and feeds your inner child longing for the comfort of a mama made meal. I get days where I remember coming home and my mom made something… sometimes it was tacos, sometimes pot roast. I remember asking for a tiny plate or tiny taco just to hold me off until dinner… and the soul satisfying goodness of a tiny bite of what goodness lay ahead for the evening to come.

This my friends, is that…


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