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Taylor Swift chai sugar cookies

Y’all…I got to go to the Eras tour…  (Insert a dizzying head spinning happy dance with glitter, confetti and fireworks)


It’s a bittersweet story because it involves the disintegration of two friendships, and the birth of new friendships. And, to be honest, I just am not ready to write about it all. To be honest, it has been really difficult for me to even write recently.

So I took up oil painting.

of course,  I still love writing, and I will get  have gotten back   to it.

Recently, I did a “30 tiny paintings in 30 days” challenge, which I LOVED.

Here’s part of the results:

(the eggs are my favorite, I think)

I loved the accountability it gave me, so I decided to kick off a 30 posts in 30 days, right here. Yay for all of y’all. 🙂 Because to be honest- who’s really interested in art???

This blog used to be sooooo popular, but now it’s like the popular girl that hit puberty over summer and is stuck  under construction hiding in the back of the room until it’s time to come out, and; well, it’s been a long time coming.

So here we are.

I made cookies for the occasion. If you read my previous post,or follow me on Instagram  you’ll catch some signs at why I made these cookies.

These cookies are so good. I think the recipe originated from Joy The Baker, because when I started searching she had a post about how her sugar cookie recipe got morphed by Taylor Swift– and OHMYGAWDDDD- if that happened to me -I would just die dead RIP me, you know? I’m like : “Hey Taylor! I know you like you cook and bake… I got cookie recipes here!” Come visit… But now she’s on an extended tour, so I better create some recipes you can make on the road or backstage… pumpkin spice cookie batter butter balls, maybe? (That’s on my recipe “set list”)

Anyway, what I LOVE about these cookies,( aside from the fact that  they make the house smell like hugs and happiness, of course!)

They taste amazing, and not too sweet which is just perfect because you want to taste the spices not just sugar and flour, you know?

Now: little kids are the best and worst critics at the same time. They are more brutal than a gang of middle school girls at the mall… especially if they are 7 or under. Trust me. I’ll make a damn good meal only to have it be scoffed at as: “The grossest thing everrrrr!” alongside dramatic wrenching and gagging. And: sweets are not free from the critiques , either. My kid can remove each shred of zucchini in zucchini bread with the precision of a neurosurgeon. And- a speck of parsley? You don’t even want to know what drama that has caused.

“Mommy! There’s MOLD in my macaroni and cheese. It’s GREEN!!!!”

“MOM-MEEEEEE. This bread has GREEN in it.”


(For the record, I do have one kid that loves lettuce. He calls it “grass on his sandwich”- I’m like “whatever, sure it’s grass and win win for the green stuff!”  I have a kid that loves sushi and one that loves rice, so it’s slowly balancing out….  sorta.

Back to cookies:


So cozy. And, yes it’s the middle of summer. In my dreams, it’s the middle of … Fall. But I don’t have Fall where I live so, I settle for the flavor of Fall. Ya gotta do what you gotta do…..

And in the middle of summer when I’m sad over not seeing another eras tour, and then surprise! She’s coming back to my state. Well- it’s another reason  to celebrate the best we know how.In this house we celebrate pretty much everything… You finished cleaning your room? Let’s make ice cream. My paperwork is done? I’m celebrating with cupcakes. The yard is mowed? Scones it is… The list goes on. But when there’s something specific that we are looking forward to it gets even BIGGER. For instance, to commemorate the release of Speak Now Taylor’s version me and the girls  took a train trip to Miami in our Eras shirts to pick up a life-size cut out that my 15 year old daughter had found on Marketplace. Then we ordered SN cardigans on the train ride home.  My daughter was so. bummed they won’t ship until November, but I was like- “It will be cool out and we can wear them without dying!”

Once again, back to cookies:


I found this image of the handwritten recipe on the internet, I don’t want to piss anyone off so I will just link to the recipe itself. Lord knows I have inadvertently done that. Probably this post will piss some people off, too. What can I say… errr write?

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate.

Here is the recipe: Taylor Swift Chai Sugar Cookies 

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