grilled cheese with tomato and bacon

Sandwiches are awesome. There are a ga-zillion types, and they don’t require a recipe, (usually). I mean, if someone tells you they want a pb&j, you never have to go to a cookbook- or online to “look up that recipe”.

Sandwiches are nice like that.

So, yesterday when I asked on Facebook what’s your favorite sandwich- I got lots of good “recipes” and it prompted me to write up this post. That, and the fact someone said my recipes here aren’t for novice cooks. Really? Hmmm… maybe I need to do more cereal posts. Sandwiches are the next easiest.

This grilled cheese has good ol’ American cheese, shredded sharp cheddar, crisp bacon and sliced tomatoes and, I made it with this homemade bread.

Not for the faint of heart, I know.

My hubby just informed me he wants to lose a few pounds.

There won’t be many more of these in the future.

They were good while they lasted.

I suppose I will have to make other sandwiches for a while…

like these … and my favorite sandwich and this one isn’t bad, either.



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