As you know, I managed a health food store for 14 years. Before that time I had worked in assorted delis and restaurants, oh yea and as a data processor, too.

One of the jobs I held was at a health food store and deli combo. There, I got to help in the back kitchen on occasion. We had an array of healthy to-go treats along with a small salad bar. The kale salad was always the first to sell out. I remember people calling just to see if we had any left…. I have the recipe for it. But, that’s another post.

This was my favorite lunch there. Simple, but always perfect for lunch. I hate that heavy feeling if you eat too much at lunch…then you have to drag through the rest of the day..ugh. Not with this. No way. You walk away feeling light and airy and not guilty at all for indulging in a brownie afterward…. 🙂

You can make this with any soft spreadable cheese- I use and prefer keifer, sold in middle eastern markets. It’s tangier and lighter than cream cheese, so it goes good with crisp veggies.

here’s mine right here. It came from happy cows. 🙂

That’s what…. maybe a tablespoon or two? Sprinkle some seasoning on it. My favorite is Spike. (no, not my dog… the seasoning, silly.)

Now for mine I used shredded carrots, zucchini and sprouts. You can use anything. Just make sure it’s not too watery. I dabbed my veggies with a paper towel before putting them in. The soggies suck.