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chicken divan

And the answer is… chicken divan! I have to admit, I never had this dish until fairly recently. I don’t know why either, because I love curry…. hmmm maybe it’s because my mom never made it growing up? Maybe because it’s one of those dishes you just don’t see on restaurant menus? I guess I will never know. Now for the recipe: Bear with me because the first recipe I had for this was made with mayo… and that after baking basically became an oil slick that resembled an oven version of the exx on-Valdez. No. ugh. Don’t want that! So, I do some of this n that, I do my best to approximate EXACT measurements for ya. Approximate exact? Oxymoron, but y’all get my drift.

Take 3tbs butter, melt it and add 3tbs flour, 2tbs (or 3) tbs chicken broth granules, 1tbs curry powder(like I said, I love curry…you can do less) some kosher salt (you know how I feel about this stuff) fresh ground black pepper and 3 cups milk. Bring it to a boil over med/ med/high heat. It will get nice n thick.
Add it to 2 cooked diced chicken breasts, and broccoli. (cooked) I love broccoli so I used about a head n a half. By the way, I tried those stem fresh bags for the microwave (glad makes em) THEY ROCK! I found mine at the dollar store, man I love that place but I’ll save that for the other site. OK! Mix it all in a bowl and put into a casserole, top with cheese n bread crumbs then pop it in the oven till the cheese melts. Yummy with rice!


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