cherry vanilla tarts

cherry vanilla tarts~ tart cherries nestled on top of creamy custard in a flaky pastry crust

The other day, my mom stated: “You have to make cherry pie on Presidents day.” as if I was suggesting a Thanksgiving without turkey…

She said she always made a Mrs Smith’s & her mama always made homemade. So, I decided to merge my mother’s frozen concoction with my grandmother’s homemade concoction. Because let’s face it: we haven’t found that 25th hour yet, and sometimes there is no time for homemade.

I utilized the convience of store bought (refrigerated) pie crust, canned pie filling & I made my custard. Mmm.

Can I still call it homemade  since I made it at home?

So, my birthday happens to be in less than a week… hubby asked what I wanted. I dislike that question, because I’m bad about asking for things. And, I can’t think of anything, I always think of things when there’s no gift event about to happen. Hmmm.

Oooo. I know.

I want to go to IKEA and the Swap Shop in Ft Lauderdale.  I want to eat a big cinnamon bun for breakfast and sushi for dinner. I want a cake from the Latin bakery with pink and yellow flowers. And, I want a jade plant, and a tortoise.

The Swap Shop in Ft. Lauderdale is fun. They have these carts that drive around with snacks and cold drinks, including beer. Husbands like shopping if they can drink beer while they do it.

There. Now I gotta tell my hubby to read this.

Here’s my pie crust- turns out I didn’t have a cutter large enough so…

I used my big ol’ cup.

I like to drink big fruity girl drinks in that. With lots of ice.

Remember to poke holes in your crust and line with dry beans before you bake them.

Fill em with a cooked pudding or custard & top with cherry pie filling.

Oh yes, girlfriend (or guy friend) they are homemade. 🙂


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