summertime treats

I realize a lot of you don’t have time to search trough to find all the summery food here- so I did it for you, See how much I love you guys?

First of all, these I need to make myself… buttery, fluffy and crusty all in one…

Tropical scones– studded with pineapple,papaya, macadamia nuts and a key lime glaze…

Or, if you are feeling more Hawaiian, try these:

Pina Colada rolls, topped with toasted coconut…mmmm.

Don’t want to turn the oven on? No problem!

Coconut rum balls are a no bake dessert.

Need something savory?

Yum,fried green tomatoes are a southern treat.

Or, if you need a healthy dose of garlic and greens go for this:

Fresh pesto!

And, finally… a cocktail to cool off when your face just melted because you had to get the mail in…



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