savory summer snacks

So… we are still stuck with the heat for a little while more, and unless you want to be like me and crank down the a/c to make some spicy cookies…. you may be looking for something a little lighter..right?

Wait… you want cookies? Okay, I will give you cookies real soon.  Cookies are nice, aren’t they?

I personally cannot wait to make a big batch of frosted cut-outs… complete with sparkly sugar, preferably in the shape of snowmen.

Hey! It’s been a while since I have shared some gossip news about my life.

Let’s see…

I painted my kitchen. Most of y’all on Facebook and Twitter know that, though.

I decided on taking up running  walking sprinting. It’s kinda in-between.

I need a better sports bra to run, I think.

Men are so lucky sometimes. Boobs get in the way.

Hmmm, is this all the news I have??? Well, I guess that’s good.  Since it’s hurricane season it could be much worse. And, all my neighbors are talking about how they all have a”bad feeling” about this year.  Historically speaking, September tends to be the “most active” here.

Hurricanes suck.

You can read about one of my ordeals here.

The last hurricane I was in, struck the day after I moved my boyfriend and his kid into my house. So… I had to get used to living with him, and being an instant mom, and not having electricity all at the same time. It worked out, though… I kept them both. 😉



These are salmon burgers, made with fresh salmon and dill.

They’re really tasty, and healthy. You need your fish fats for your tinker and your thinker.

(EPAs and DHA fatty acid is found in high concentrations in fish, and benefits your heart and brain)

My shrimp stuffed avocado wedges-can be a nice lunch or a light dinner served alongside a salad.  You can stuf em with whatever you want. Chicken works good… so does bacon and tomato. Mmmm…

This is summery. Why? It’s done in a crock pot. And, it is the perfect Mexican chicken for tacos. Mmm, tacos are good anytime.

So… later today on The Domestic Mama I will post before and after kitchen pics.

And, after that- some cookies and chocolate for y’all.



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