pina colada rolls

I have to tell you a little bit behind this- I had lunch with my sister a while back, and she was telling me about these cinnamon rolls she made. Of course I said-“ooo! Can I have the recipe?” And she told me her secret-“I just did the recipe on the box.” she said. “Hmmm…”I thought.¬† She said it was this one…

No, I am not being paid by Mr. Doughboy…I wish I was. I need some dough. So, about a month ago I made the recipe on the box for cinnamon rolls. I added raisins. YUM.

But….. I’m not going to document that. You guys can read boxes if you can read this. Right? Right!

I made something new.

Pina Colada Rolls. See, we will be leaving for our yearly trip to Islamorada soon and I am longing for tropical flavors and key limes. Yep, I know- I live 2.5 hrs away from our vacation- and it’s tropical here. But… something about getting away from here. Y’all know what I mean. Oooo! Did I tell you we will be staying in a little trailer by the sea?YES! It’s all new and has a little kitchen and a big deck with a BBQ and a boat ramp for our boat and I can fillet the fish right there on the dock and feed sea birds. Right now when I fillet fish, I have to deal with the stinky carcass in the trash can until pick up day. So, YAY me. My posts will be interesting that week. Stay tuned.

Back to rolls:

Make em like it says on the box- EXCEPT spread with a mixture of 8oz cream cheese, 1/3 c chopped dried pineapple and 4 tbs toasted coconut.

chop your pineapple into raisin sized pieces.

I had just under 8oz of cream cheese…. mine was a bit thin- but, yours should be fine.

after it has baked and cooled, spread it with  frosting (recipe on box) and sprinkle with some more pineapple and coconut.

enjoy !

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