fried green tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are one of those southern food items…and you need to try them if you haven’t already. I come from a long line of southerners…. my great grandfather founded North Augusta, South Carolina (James U. Jackson) and my mother’s grandfather helped build Jacksonville, Florida. Now, I’m not a southern cook- being based in south Florida I would consider myself more of a “tropical cook”. Fried green tomatoes are not tropical, I know- but… I thought this may be a good follow up to the southern pie crust.

I stayed up way late watching a competitive food competition- thank goodness for spellchck with these tired eyes. Competitive food shows get me worked up sometimes- I’m always scared somebody will really cut themselves bad. It’s like watching a car race….hoping there won’t be a wreck. So, I got all worked up-then fell asleep thinking what I’d do with the chicken and potato challenge. I thought of something good- I just may whip that up tonight. Hope I don’t cut myself!

Fried green tomatoes are exactly that- thick sliced green tomates dredged in flour and cornmeal and fried until golden brown. They taste NOTHING like tomatoes, trust me- I really am not sure how to describe them- maybe a cross between okra and eggplant? That would be my description.

To make them, all you do is slice a nice green tomato into thick slices, about 1/4″ and season with salt and pepper. Allow to drain on a paper towel for about 5 minutes and then dip each piece in flour, then in a mixture of 1 egg and 5 tbs milk, finally dip in cornmeal.

Fry in a small amount of oil for 4-5 minutes per side over med/high heat. Drain on a paper towel and  allow them to cool slightly so you don’t burn your tongue. 🙂

Man- this is my shortest post ever. I need to do a really long one to make up for it. I need to make something sweet. Those strawberry pies are long gone. Time for something new!

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