Pesto has got to be one of the simplest things ever. You don’t even cook it. PERFECT for hot summer days.

…and it’s so versatile. You can change up the ingredients and play around, and it always is delicious. This time, however I made classic pesto: fresh basil, Parmesan, garlic,pine nuts and olive oil.

Served with some whole grain angel hair and some nice red wine, it’s about as good as it gets for an easy weeknight meal.

To make pesto; all you have to do is put  2 cloves garlic, 2 c fresh basil, 1/2 c pine nuts, 1/2 c Parmesan cheese into a food processor (or blender) pulse to form a paste and then drizzle in 3/4 c olive oil.  THAT’S IT!!!

Mix with hot pasta- sparingly, 2tbs is all you need per serving of pasta.

It’s very aromatic, one of those dishes that make the house smell good without turning on the oven. Don’t you just love that? Me too.

Speaking of smells- I have some Kingfish to smoke. Yum, fish dip. If you follow me on facebook, you know why. If you don’t…well…. you are just missing out on all the fun.   😉 (from the weekend, that is…)

I tried to win the lottery this weekend. It didn’t work out. Bummer.

Next time.

Then I will giveaway a shiny Kitchen Aid….(or two)

One day I really want to do that.

I also really want to go to Ireland.

Well, I hope y’all had good weekends – this week I am going to try and give y’all easy weeknight meals. “Working” meals…I know everyone isn’t at home doing the homemaker thing, and I remember all too well my long days at work and the dreaded grocery store trips after work when all I wanted to do was go home and have a spot of wine.  So, I will try and help y’all out with that.  (the food, not the wine)

You know those macarons? I gave a bunch away- now it’s time to make something else, too. I am trying to come up with a booty friendly dessert that doesn’t need a fork or spoon. Suggestions? Hmmm. It’s summer. We all gotta watch our booties. My booty would be HUGE if I didn’t have a toddler or weeds. Or a fisherman hubby. Have you ever reeled in a big $^$ fish? My arms are still sore. But, it made for happy memories and good pics.  And that’s just nice. Have a great day, folks.  Love, MK

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