I decided to play around with my rum ball recipe for summer. As Martha says, “It was a good thing.” as I say “Yay!”

Here is a selection of the cast of characters:

Do you guys remember those cookies? My fingers used to fit through there. They haven’t since I was…um …5.

I wonder sometimes…everything here has Spanish and English labels….even Tide.

Is that just in south Florida or is it a sign of the times?

If the cookies are a Southern favorite since 1941- what do Northerners eat?

Just thoughts. It’s 5:58am… I’m still contemplating the dreams of the night, the plans for today and enjoying my hot, caffeine laden beverage.

I need a new food processor. My $#@& ex husband gave me this one- I hate keeping stuff from people that end up mean. I keep hoping this one will crack or something. But… jeez these guys are expensive . I guess I will have to hold out until I win one.

Ex husband? I married him after knowing him 3 weeks. Bad idea.

Stuck with him 4 years. I kept rescuing dogs to fill an empty void in my life. He wasn’t around much. Well, he was… but he was always in the garage painting. It was lame. Then he had this angry side….that sucked even worse. He creeped my friends out…that should have been a sign. Oh well.. that’s all over and I found my prince. You have to kiss some toads to find a prince.

I need a rum ball now.


In a food processor:

2 c butter cookies

1 c sugar

1/2 c macadamia nuts

whirl together until it looks like fine crumbs

Now, add:

1/3 c butter, melted

1/8 c dark rum

1/8 c coconut rum

1 tsp vanilla

Roll into balls (ping-pong ball size)

Place in the fridge until firm, and roll in powdered sugar or shredded coconut. I say either because my coconut didn’t stick with both. See? I always share mama tips.

Keep them in the fridge. They taste like coconut cookie dough. I know not everyone likes coconut. I hated it as a kid. So, I have a more universally loved treat planned. And something savory. I don’t want to burn y’all out on the sweets. Oh yes- I have a couple giveaways going on on the previous posts. I need more entries…. hint, hint.