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Meatless Monday: Smothered Burritos

DSC_6125 These are what’s for dinner tonight.

Vegetarian burritos, smothered in a spicy tomato and green chile sauce and gooey melted cheese. This meal will make you look forward to leftovers, too- because it makes a lot. You’re welcome. Two dinners in one, woo-hoo.

DSC_6124   I realize there is a lot of Latin foods here. I just showed y’all homemade tortillas, there’s tamales, and I am pretty sure there will be a post with black beans here shortly. But, remember: I was born and raised (and still living) in south Florida, with lots of Latin influence. So: these are part of the regular rotation of meals in our home. We have beans and rice with almost every meal, and avocados are free falling from trees in my neighborhood… I have a key lime tree in my backyard, and mangos are so plentiful in the summer days, people actually consider them a nuisance at times. (Squirrels nibble on them, they fall to the ground and rot, and it’s a smelly mess under a big tree)

So, living in South Florida, with the local abundance of mangos, limes and avocados, preparing  Latin inspired food is a byproduct of my surroundings.

Now: there are no mangos, limes or avocados in this recipe: I just went on a ramble.

Sorry about that.

Now: life lately…  I’m adjusting to more motherhood, managing homeschooling, and squeezing in the extra stuff like chores, and going into “daddy-is-coming-home-tidy-up-now!” turbo mode at 2:30 everyday. I know it’s old school. But; I  personally like to come home to a tidy house, and you do onto others; you know? Especially your hubby. <3

I’m blessed to get to stay at home, homeschool and raise kids… the least I can do is give back a tidy house and a hot meal. Thought for the day.



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