fish main dish

panko crusted fish with key lime butter sauce


This is summer food. Not too heavy, not too hot and perfect to eat on the patio on a balmy summer evening. Light a beach-scented candle,  close your eyes and you’re at a seaside retreat.

Speaking of summer food, I started making my summer bucket list the other day, attempting to keep things real, especially after last year (you can read about it here) I really shouldn’t call it a bucket list, more like an “idea list” that way, there is no pressure to complete any of it.

Because who wants pressure in the summer? Not me. This is the most pressure I want:

IMG_1615No running.

Take it easy…no running around- there are no schedules of dismissal to adhere to, there is no deadline for homework and pot lucks, and I can stay in my jammies if the need arises.

No running.

No mental lists running around in the middle of the night about clean school uniforms, enough lunch foods to pack, or rushing to the ATM for field trip cash.

I love no running.

Of course there are still the daily tasks, work, and outings to tend to… but in the summer everything takes on a lighter feel… the pressure is off, or lessened in some ways. And, there are some things that you just can’t do in the winter that you get to do in the summer….

IMG_1619Now: summer food…

Like I said this is a perfect summery food, and you can use any firm white fish. I used Golden Tile fish, but I am fully aware that at $17 a pound, that may not be too budget friendly. (My husband caught ours, so it was free)

Some suggestions:

Mahi Mahi




You could even do this with chicken, (I have many times before) ~ it’s just as delicious.







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