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IMG_7955There is something about making homemade tortillas. Something that goes beyond the food aspect of it.

Maybe ….it’s because right now in our homeschool  I’m teaching a period of history that is before the discovery of baking powder, yeast or other leavening. Most cooking was done by the meal, and over an open fire.  Maybe…. it’s because there is something about adding water to flour and somehow, a bread like product is produced once you roll it and heat it on a cast iron skillet.

Maybe…. it’s because it takes me back to ancient times, where life was more simple (albeit more complicated as well), with no electricity, refrigeration or running water.

Needless to say, there is something about making homemade tortillas, that calms you into a pattern of roll, flatten, and toast that somehow settles the soul.

I made a big batch of these the other day, at 3:40pm.

That particular day, my hubby was home  from work, and I had the windows  open to let in the balmy breeze, and I  also had my induction cooktop set up just beneath the kitchen window ,  with a hot skillet awaiting it’s flat discs to cook. My hubby  stayed in the kitchen with me, chatting about the events of the day; my daughter rode her bike in the front yard, and the other family members napped peacefully.  I rolled balls of dough, flattened them and heated them, not missing beat in the conversation. Domestic multitasking at its finest, I’m sure. 😉

It was an afternoon where I could have had a plastic baggie of processed and pre-made tortillas ready to go. But; then I would have not have made homemade tortillas, and my hubby and I may not have had our quality time, because more than likely I would have been wasting time on Pinterest or social media.

There is something about intentionally taking the time to create food, because it nurtures. It nurtures both physically and emotionally. It’s good for the family. It’s good for the soul.


sidenote: I live in south Florida, to explain the open windows…

_DSC6408For some reason, I loved that afternoon.

The tranquility of tortillas.

OH! If you need a filling idea, check this out: Mexican Shredded Chicken

Homemade Tortillas

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