appetizer/snack main dish

empanada night….

The end of the beginning….

happily sizzling onion,garlic,cumin,cinnamon and salt….

Here’s my “ugly” pepper!

nice strips of pepper… super easy to roast myself. I put it under the broiler till it got “ugly” then put it in a bowl and covered with plastic wrap…about 10 min later the skin just peeled away.

Onion n garlic cooking away…

Adding the sliced roasted poblano pepper…mmmm I wish you could have smelled this!

2 shredded chicken breasts, 1/2 can diced tomatoes, 1c chicken broth, some cinnamon, cumin,2 chopped adobe peppers in adobo,1/2onion,2cloves garlic,1roasted poblano pepper and salt n pepper

This is where I cheated… I didn’t make the dough…(I have a toddler running around, remember?!)

All dressed up with somewhere to go!

I don’t like to “fry” things… I used as little oil as I could.

Awaiting their fate…

All ready to go!

mmm… had to have a bite!

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