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Tandoori chicken, I say is the equivalent to jerk chicken but with different spices. OK, so that kind defeats saying “equivalent”, huh? Yeah, I know… OK! About this concoction of spices: I have a recipe for true tandoori chicken, where you take the whole spices and roast them and grind them down, but- let’s be real here, I have a 2 year old and a hubby that never tried tandoori chicken. I wasn’t about to do all that.

So… I went to my local (super fun to go to…) international market


My daughter was a little scared of the man there that (I think…) was there oversee some meat packaging. He was nice though. I don’t think she ever saw a turban before. ( I need to get her out more!) Anyway, I love this store… It’s SUPER clean and organized, with nice clean baskets and new shopping carts and shiny floors and a GREAT selection. (no, they aren’t paying me!) This is what I got that day:


ooo… a couple of those items I already had out to cook with, whoops. Now tandoori chicken:IMGP3185

sorry… I know pics of raw chicken is kinda gross… I just wanted to show you that you skin it, score it and rub it all over with lemon juice and salt and let it sit for half hour


OK, my “lazy American with toddler tandoori” I had every intention of doing the traditional, I swear… BUT they had these handy little ready to do seasoning packets…Like the ones we use for tacos…so I simply took 2 tbs of the seasoning mixture and 1 cup of yogurt, some crushed garlic and spread it all over my yummy raw chicken…


the spice mixture consisted of: chili powder, garlic, ginger, salt, cinnamon, coriander,cardamon, (green and black) clove, cumin,nutmeg, bay leaf, and black pepper… (sooo glad I didn’t have to grind them myself- thanks, Sanjeevv Kapoor’s Khazana spice blends, you rock!


Let it marinate for 4-24hrs, roast at 375 for 40 min. Good with basmati rice and dahl.

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