My husband is known to request appetizers, especially on the weekend. It’s where Kentucky Firecrackers came from and also Atomic Buffalo Turds and Hawaiian Poke.  The other day we were hanging out and we got on the topic of Fritos, and he brought up this dip.

Kentucky Firecrackers

Hawaiian Poke

Then he further obsessed about it and pulled up a recipe on his phone…

I changed up his phone recipe, mainly because I didn’t want to use up both my blocks of cream cheese. 😉 I had plans with the second block. Plans that involve frosting. Yum.

This recipe is one of those “convenience” food dips, and to be honest I seldom use canned products, especially canned meat products… but, love makes you do weird things sometimes, I guess. I now have some leftover chilli in my fridge, so I’m totally re-doing it “from scratch”.

And, that frosting? You bet I’m going to be sharing that one. My goodness…mmmmm.