halloween highlights

Today I decided to do a re-cap of Halloween. And give y’all an update on my December 19th plan… oh yeah, and my Thanksgiving list, too. Because I’m one of those anal-like-to-plan people, and yes, I know I am not in control. But, nonetheless, I do enjoy looking at my little binder with list of all the crafts and recipes I would like to make this season.

As far as my layaway adventure yesterday… can I just say: “WOO~HOO!” Good. Thanks for letting me get that out. Well, it turns out that the retailer I went to yesterday allows EVERYTHING on layaway. Even holiday and clearance stuff.  So, that was awesome. Yay.

My youngest wanted to wear devil ears to be like her sis sooooo bad.

Then, decided not to wear them. Go figure.

It rained ALL DAY, then, the sun came out. With a gorgeous sunset. What an awesome blessing! I surprised the family by putting on my ( I have no clue how to spell that- and neither does spell-check) and my flapper wig. I was going to wear my flapper dress, but the hubs said I just looked “regular” in that. Hmmmm.

Oh? You want to see me in my costume? Okaaay.

But, I had to show you cheesy photo op I couldn’t resist.

me: “Baby, get our picture there!”

him: “Really? That bench is about to fall apart”

me: “It’s okay, hurry… quick!”

little one: “I want a pic with daddy!”

So, here is the pic that was taken AFTER I took one of him and her….and no, the bench didn’t break. But, he didn’t want to be here today. ( On this post..)

And here is my beautiful stepdaughter… who is a devil. One of my friends was surprised I let her dress up as satan, (by the way, spell- check is suggesting I capitalize satan. Um, NO.) But, I figured as long as she doesn’t act it out….

Speaking of acting out costumes: I totally served my hubby beer. 🙂

Hope everyone had a grand holiday!

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