easy taco pizza

I know, I’ve been MIA for quite some time… okay, a week.

I’m heee-re   (Who can name that movie?) Hint: It started with “they’re here”  Anyway… I’m here and I have been crazy busy with all the stuff that happens in life, baby showers (not for me) , cupcake making, recipe development, finding lost turtles,  sick dogs…. ahhh, domestic life.

So, I’m back and yes, for the first time ever I’m going to have some Thanksgiving recipes (gasp!) on time this year. By saying “on time” I simply mean that I will publish them before the holiday, so you can make them on the holiday. In years past, I always just cooked Thanksgiving foods on Thanksgiving. But, bloggers don’t do that. They make two Thanksgivings.  No, I didn’t make a turkey. But I have some sides! Annnnd….. the sides are sometimes the best part, especially if aunt Rhonda is making the turkey this year. You know “that” turkey? She either forgot to turn on the oven until it was waaaay to late or she cooked the bird waaaay too early and it was drier than sawdust? I strongly believe that’s why they invented gravy. For all the aunt Rhondas out there.  And, biscuits, too….

disclaimer: If I had an aunt Rhonda, I wouldn’t be talkin’ trash over her. “Aunt Rhonda” happens to be myself in my early years of Thanksgiving. 🙂

One word for a moist turkey: BRINE.

Okay, so all this Thanksgiving talk is NOT fitting with today’s recipe. Then again, what should the topic be to open up to an easy taco pizza?

Easy taco pizza: For when you forgot to buy the shells. 🙂



This recipe is one of those “illiterate recipes” you know, the ones where you can figure out how to make it without reading a word?

Step one: Taco sauce.

Step two: Cooked seasoned beef

Step three: add a few blobs (yeah, I said blobs) of re-fried beans

Step four: You are so smart! Yes! The cheese!

Next step: Bake. I did mine at 425 for 17 minutes.

My crust? I honestly cannot remember if I made homemade using my dough cycle in the bread machine or if I bought it at the bakery… feel free to use your favorite.

The kids were joining in on this meal, that’s why there is taco fixins’ on only one side. It was Friday. I don’t force them to eat veggies on Fridays.

I’m cool like that. 😉



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