atomic buffalo turds

atomic buffalo turds~ (n)

A spicy appetizer obviously invented by a man, who later named it after several PBRs.

A tasty appetizer, that deserves a better name.

A appetizer not for the faint of heart, health conscious or weight watcher.

Wow. This one had three definitions. I have to admit something here.My husband pretty much made all of this. He found the recipe on one of his “man” sites.. (a fishing forum) and he showed it to me- I said , “Ooo, that would make an interesting post”

So, when he was making them I snapped a few pics. If I made them, they would have looked “prettier”.

If it’s possible to make something that has “turd” in the name pretty.

“What pretty little turds you have. ”

hmmm…Honestly, there is no recipe for these.

It’s one of those things yo look at and can pretty much tell how to do it.

No measuring, seasoning, mixing or pouring. See… very manly. Very cave-manly.

First, there are jalapenos. Use gloves. Really.

I missed the next step photos, so I will have to explain. Fill each “jalapeno boat” with a dab of cream cheese, top with a little miniature sausage, (I am assuming that’s the “turd” part) and then wrap with bacon. Grill or bake in the oven until the bacon is cooked through.

A few notes: use thicher bacon. This was crappy bacon we used and it kept falling apart.

Now:  The ladies’ version: (also known as Atomic Buffalo Toots)

A vegetarian version with Tofutti cream cheese, a veggie dog and frozen veggie bacon.

Take that Mr. Doctor Cardiologist.

Because even myself, who adores butter as much as Mrs. Deen… got a  bit faint-hearted over these.

But.. they would be a hit for Appetizer Thanksgiving.  (a.k.a. Superbowl Sunday)


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