food and drinks and other touristy stuff

Food and drinks and other touristy stuff….

As y’all know- I went on a little trip to check on a picture and catch some fish. The fact that this is a food blog, I had to share some pics of what I ate..

margarita and beer cheers!

seared tuna with a wasabi ginger glaze  on top of seaweed salad…

the ultimate appetizer platter: wings, smoked fish dip, shrimp, crab legs and conch fritters.

We also went here to try the “universe’s best pizza” and to leave our “mark” on the “walls”

When you sit down, they supply you with sharpies and a staple gun. How cool.

The verdict on the pizza? THE BEST. (sorry, New york.)

So, now we have another stop on our yearly trip to check on our things…

And, as far as out wedding picture at Captain Tony’s? Yes, for the 4th year… it’s still there. 🙂

See it?

There is, (of course) more pics and such… but I know you guys need some recipes for the upcoming holiday- and, I don’t want to be like annoying relative forcing you to watch a vacation slide show.  I know you have a real relative that does that for you.

Until then, here’s a few ideas:

Un-meltable ice cream

Jalapeno Cheddar burgers

Shrimp stuffed avocados

Rib Rub


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