dinner party recipes part I

I know, I could have put these in the post…but (in case you didn’t know) I have a word limit on those. And, I know I also  get a lot of new visitors in those so I like to “chat” in those posts.

But… I know y’all like recipes. (me too.)

First: ceviche

This is so versatile- thee really is no “exact” recipe. It can be made with scallops, shrimp,or any firm white fish.

Start with a finely diced sweet onion…

lots of limes… at least 6

this is a tomatillo. It looks like a tomato, but is more crisp and tart.

in recipes, it adds tanginess.

this is jicama, a root vegetable that is crisp, and it’s flavor raw reminds me of a cross between a cucumber and potato.

And here’s the scallops… basically all I did was add a handful of the jicama, onion, tomatillo, the lime juice , salt pepper,and dash of olive oil. Allow to marinate for 24 hrs.  Just before serving- I tossed in some fresh cilantro.

For the party, I shredded some diakon radish  and placed it down for a “bed” you can use lettuce, too.

The plantains were another easy one-

First thing-you cannot peel them until after they are sliced. Don’t try- you’ll just get mad. It’s okay- you can go against your instinct to peel. Just this time.

After they are sliced, the skins just pop off!

now: place them in a bowl

I tossed mine with this lime-chile seasoning that they probably don’t sell where you live. I am sorry. So, I will tell you how to duplicate it 😉


1 tbs chili powder

2 tbs lime juice

1 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp salt

2 tbs Parmesan

dash Tabasco

2 tbs olive oil

Toss to coat, and roast in a 425 oven for 20-25 minutes


after they are roasted, drizzle with some ranch or blue cheese… they are best when warm.

mmm, arepas. That recipe is here.

That’s it for the savory snacks and sides. I know y’all want the paella and sweets… that’s coming.

Along with some lemon things… and aw man- I have been real busy in the kitchen. This challenge has brought out massive middle of the night ideas-which are awesome.. but, I can’t cook in the middle of the night. Grrr. So, now I have an insane list of ideas. You guys will love. 🙂

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