red, white and blue cheesecake

When I first saw this recipe, I filed in in my head for July 4th, and… yay- it’s just about here! So, I got my booty in the kitchen and baked away.  Sorta. This was really easy. Really. I think the hardest part was deciding on how to arrange the berries.

I decided on the above.  Kinda random kinda not. Like life.

If you really pay attention, you’ll see that life is not random at all.

For instance, last week- me, my hubby and our little one were about  14 miles off shore fishing. It was a dreary day, no other boats were in sight.

Two days later, the hubby was 25 miles offshore fishing with his friends.

As they headed in- the boat caught fire. It was an electrical fire; and there just happened to be two mechanics on a boat nearby that told the guys to cut the main wires- so that the gas line didn’t ignite. Just to let ya know- gas line + fire + boat = EXPLOSION.

Can you imagine what would have happened if it were just the three of us just a couple of days before?

I probably wouldn’t be writing about cheesecake.

Things happen to make you aware of how suddenly it can all change. And to realize that each moment we have is a blessing, and to take the time… well, you know. Appreciate it.:)

Back to it.

For the crust I doubled the recipe; mainly because I’m crusty. Err- flaky. Umm, what’s the word?

Now… I know that there are hints and tips out there to stop a cheesecake from cracking; but this one was going to be crowned with berries, so… I was too lazy busy to look up google those hints and tips.

This isn’t a traditional cheesecake also- it’s made with light ricotta cheese. How about that?! And, with all those berries… well, we can feel a little better about that 2nd sliver of it. 😉

Ahh, the berry dilemma.

I ended up doing this.

The original blueberry cheesecake called for glazing with warmed red currant preserves, but I ended up using apple. My local market didn’t have currant. Bummer.

Now- there are no pics of this sliced up… yet. It’s for our 4th of July, but I wanted to share it today- to give you time to get your berries.  See… I love y’all.

The opinions here are all mine. The recipe, however is Sargento‘s. A big thank you to them, for allowing me to make this rockin’ recipe.



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