I’m here….

Okay now…

I have a tiny kitchen at home, but where I have been staying it’s really small. Which is good because that means once I’m home… yep, you guessed it- my kitchen will seem huge.

Now, I will take a tiny kitchen any day when it comes with views like this:


Even though I live in Florida, it’s nice to be able to step outside to that.

Now, about this tiny kitchen…

oh yes, big enough for my booty and maybe my husband’s leg.

But, that is just fine…

Wanna know what I made?

chicken fajitas and some weird neon yellow rice….

and nuked black beans.


We are totally grilling tonight… we found a  BBQ grill.

Cheeseburgers in paradise.

Hey! Remember that picture?

Yes, we went to check on it; but that’s tomorrow’s post.

I may even throw in a cheeseburger, too. 😉

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