lemon chicken bowties

When I first decided to try this recipe, I was a little nervous… you see it contains two veggies that my hubby doesn’t (a-hem) prefer.

Asparagus and mushrooms. (I know, YUM!)

But, based on my past experience, I also have found that a lot of his previous exposure with particular foods was ill fated because either A. it was canned  B. it was overcooked C. it was cooked wrong

Yes, I would probably hate asparagus and spinach and mushrooms if my only exposure resulted in slimy sogginess.

So, when I prepared this dish, I also doubled it.  Something “told me” to.  And, guess what? Hubby got seconds, took it to work the next day and text-ed me hoe he loved his lunch and ate all his veggies. So, of course I’m totally thrilled. Because I love  asparagus and mushrooms.

I also love little “I love my lunch” texts. 😉

My advice to you is to double this recipe. It says it serves four, but- that means no second helpings and no leftovers if you’re a family of four. If there is two of y’all… well, then that’s perfect.

I am so glad I doubled the recipe. It bought me 10 minutes to sleep in every morning, because hubby’s lunch was all ready to go. When you’re a busy mama, ten minutes of sleep in time is total bliss.

This recipe is courtesy of Sargento and features their Artisan shredded Parmesan Cheese. Which, I have to say blows the grated kind away. Yes, that’s my opinion… but I bet you’ll agree.  It’s so weird how the difference in a grate makes.

For the recipe, click here: Lemon Pepper Chicken it’s all ready for you to print. 🙂

Disclaimer: A special thanks to Sargento for supporting this post. The opinions expressed are my own, and the recipe is theirs.



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