(almost) un-meltable ice cream

Ok, I say almost un-meltable because I know if you… say, left it in the sun or a hot car for an extended period-it may get drippy. But… you can eat it with out getting sticky. I say “YAY!” to that. I don’t know about you…but I really don’t like to be sticky. Ew.

How many people can grab “ice cream”like this?!

What are they, you ask?

Can you tell? Yep…Rice Krispies treats. You can (and should) fill the cones up with small candies or toys. You kind of need to- they are top heavy with out some weight in the cone part. Lil’ tip from mama.

I seriously doubt that you need a recipe for rice krispies treats.

Do you?

Let me know.

I shaped my treats by hand into ice cream shapes-I could have used a scoop, but honestly I will avoid any extra dishes whenever I can.

Then, I dipped them in those candy-melt things that they sell at craft stores. While they were wet, I did up the sprinkles. My hubby thought they would be hard to bite into-( nope! ) And, they were delicious. Better than ice cream in some ways… you know how ice cream tastes awesome the first few bites and then your taste buds go “numb?” That won’t happen here. (hooray!)

I made these for our rainy July 4th. How do ya like my bunting? I never knew what that stuff was called. Now I do. Bunting. Folded fabric decor. Cool. Of course I took this picture before the skies opened up.

Kids love these, too. Really. They will even want to take a picture of them. Okay, maybe that’s just my lil’ one.

“You have to line them up, mommy”

“okay, there. Can I eat one now? I got my picture.”

“Okay, just one…”

My oldest is still with her Memaw. Rumor has it she ate a GIANT cookie at a birthday party. I will have to make these once more when she comes home. They’re  fun. And good.

OH! Giveaway time! Contest number one to celebrate the anniversary of this site!!!


All the ingredients needed to make the “ice cream” treats- INCLUDING the recipe ( 🙂 )And candy and toys to fill your cones. To enter, just comment at the end of this post. Winner will be chosen by random.org on Monday, July 12th at 8:00am EST. Good luck!!!

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