Cantina steak burrito

When Foodbuzz asked me if I’d be interested in trying Taco Bell’s new Cantina steak Burrito, my first thought was “Ew. Fast food.” I hadn’t had Taco Bell in over 15 years. But, luckily for me (and them) the email also said it was to experience this:

The Cantina Steak Burrito is a delicious new addition to Taco Bell’s Cantina Bell™ Menu. Created by Chef Lorena Garcia, the Cantina Steak Burrito is filled with bold and flavorful ingredients, including citrus-herb marinated steak, premium Latin rice, flavorful black beans, guacamole made from real Hass avocados, roasted corn & pepper salsa, a creamy cilantro dressing, and freshly prepared pico de gallo, all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

That description intrigued me. What? Hass avocados? fresh pico de gallo? I began to start craving this burrito.  Or, at least think of ways to re-create it at home.

When I went to my local Taco Bell, I immediately had flashbacks of my early twenties (okay I was 19) and late night taco ten packs and mountain dews.( No, I didn’t eat all ten.) I’d usually share  with a few friends after a night of clubbing or doing whatever else you do in that in between young adult and adult time.We’d go through the drive through and have a big “car picnic” in my hatch. I drove a white 1981 Chevette coupe hatchback that was covered in stickers. It had so many miles that the odometer read 999999 and froze like that.  I am pretty sure a taco ten pack was around five bucks, as well. I don’t even want to think about how cheap gas was. All I remember was five bucks would last me a week in gas and feed me and my friends on a Friday night.

So, obviously, I used to eat fast food.

But, then I stopped.

Soon after my late night early adult freedom, I landed a job at a local health food store that also had a small deli/bakery. I fell in love with the industry and the lifestyle, went vegetarian, and eventually became the GM of a larger store years later. Fast food just didn’t match my lifestyle. It’s like a nun going clubbing and eating tacos at 4:30am in parking lots.

Years later, here I am with an extensive knowledge of natural foods, supplements, and a love of food that has never ceased. When a fast food chain is offering fresh chef created menus… and they are willing to have total strangers voice their opinions without restraint. They must feel pretty confidant that the item you order is going to impress.

You know fast food though…. the pictures of the food look so good- but then once you order it and unwrap it- it looks NOTHING like the picture?

I know you know what I’m talking about….. well, this is my burrito:

Oh yeah! Look!!!! The guacamole is green, the corn is plump, and the salsa is fresh.  And the steak? Yes… it was tender and marinated. It wasn’t the tough dry jerky “steak” I was expecting. Another thing I wasn’t expecting: the size. This baby is big. Think: ice-cube tray big.

They also had an option for my veggie friends out there: they had a veggie version!!! I’m trying that one next time.

Now, I’m not saying I’m totally on the fast food track, nor am I going back to my taco ten packs and mountain dews at 4:30am… but, it’s nice to know that there is a fresher, tastier option out there for those busy mama days.

This post is sponsored by Taco Bell. See how great our steak is when you try the new Cantina Steak Burrito. Because when it comes to a great steak burrito, it’s all about the steak.

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