jalapeno poppers

Who can pass up jalapenos for 57¢ a pound?! Add the cream cheese for 87¢ and you have a ton of appetizers. I never made these at home…this was my first (and second) time. The result? Yum. Just wear gloves. Or else. Really. I about killed my poor eyeballs getting my contacts out.OW!

First batch I baked- good, but not real crusty…if I hadn’t run out of cooking spray, I would have sprayed them and that would have solved the problem.

Second batch- (above pic) I fried in a cast iron skillet…..YUM.

I made a mixture of shredded cheddar (a handful) and 8 oz of cream cheese.

Now, y’all can add anything to the cheese mixture- bacon,chives,herbs….I kept mine pretty basic, though.

I did the peppers two ways- first way; I cut off the top and used a we knife to crape out the seeds (gloves!!!!)

and for some of them, I simply cut them in half and scraped out the insides. (gloves!!!!)

Next, stuff em with your mixture.

Now- dip em in milk, then in breading. I used a mixture of seasoned flour and bread crumbs. Now- this is important. Do that again- for a super crispy crust!

These were double dipped.

Now heat up a little oil….

and get em nice n golden. Drain on paper towels or a brown paper bag and allow to cool a bit. Burnt tongues are no fun.

If you want to bake them- spray a tray with cooking spray, and spray the peppers, too. Bake at 425  for 12-17 min turning once.

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