friendly reminder: Top Chef finale tonight!


Oh I know… I have completely and utterly been incognito lately. Writers block? Blogger burnout? Illness? New babies?

All of the above.

I took on a freelance writing gig, which was awesome because y’all know how “financially challenged” I am. It was an interesting and fun project, but it also made me yearn to be out in the garden away from anything that was not God made.

Which led me into a whole urban-homesteading obsession, which led me into wanting to live off our little slice of heaven, which led me to want chickens….and a bigger garden, my own cow and a goat.

(I’m aware some of those are not possible.)

So, I got all into nature and plants and research on rain barrels and lasagna gardening that I forgot to cook (anything new) which led to no new recipes (or photos) for you all, which led to me feeling a bit guilty which led to stress which led to depressed immunity, which in turn made me catch a stomach flu. Yes, that stomach flu, the one that makes you wish food didn’t exist. Even cookies.

That led to the ultimate blogger’s writing block.

But! Here I am to remind you of a TV show. Hey… at least someone is cooking.

So… tonight’s the finale. It’s airing Wednesday, February 27 at 10/9c What do you think? Do you care? Do you watch it? I have to admit- I cannot stay up that late. Thank goodness for DVRs and On Demand.  😉

What was your favorite episode? Can you guess mine?

The “Wolfgang Cluck” one. First of all, it had the best of both worlds: Eastern and Western. Sushi and fried chicken. Yin and Yang. Two total opposites that are comfort foods in their own ways. I felt the pressure on the sushi one. 30 minutes for sushi?! I know, most of it is raw and there’s not much cooking~but it’s an art, and you can’t just throw fish on rice to impress Chef Uechi. But… you can’t get all fussy and complicate things, either. tricky, eh?

I kinda knew who would win that challenge, though.

As for the fried chicken…. first of all what an AMAZING line up of guest judges! I loved the chit chat that went on before the contestants served their chicken.Boy, the wine was flowing, huh?!  I loved to have been at that table (NOT in the kitchen!) And, no… not just for the wine either. 😉

And, for Brooke- two of the judges are guys she interviewed in the past  and didn’t hire. Talk about a curve ball. I know she wanted to crawl in a hole at that point. ;( UGH!

I was kind of surprised at who got booted though. At least the chicken had flavor with its grease…. I rather have flavor and grease than dry and dull. Just sayin’.

I’m looking forward to tonight (if I can stay up!) or at least tomorrow at 6am…. I’m not one to root for one or the other, I think the finalists are very talented and will go far either way.

If you’re behind on season ten, you can watch all of the past episodes you missed on Bravo.com,
Top Chef Episode Guide

Preview Clip: Episode 8

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