Foodbuzz 24×24 event: The Ultimate Lemonade Stand

I simply adore when Foodbuzz picks my wild ideas for their 24,24,24 event. I love it even more when it supports a cause. This month’s theme was “Kids Table”and supports Frigidaire’s part in Save The Children.They also have a way for you to take part here, that’s fun (and free)and you get a chance to win something, yourself-too.Take a second and check it out…

Okay, you’re back. Anyway….

What better way to be a kid again than to have a good old fashioned lemonade stand? I kicked it up a notch and added a bake sale, too. Because I wasn’t busy enough planning a luxury dinner party and I am crazy.

I managed just fine, though…without going completely insane, I may add.

I really worked the lemon theme. Hard.

Lemon Bars: (recipe to come)


lemon-thyme bread sticks (recipe coming!)

lemon muffins (watch for recipe!)

and, of course Lemonade!

I went all out for the lemonade, too.

Lemons were on sale.

Glad I didn’t have any paper cuts. That would have hurt.

there were also lots of signs. And duct tape.

…and the girls were very excited.


Nobody came.

My parents drove by. They waved. AND DIDN’T STOP.

I had to keep my cool, and make up excuses for them. I hate doing that.

We waited, and waited… there was some company…

my old man dog. (He’s 16)

a neighborhood boy came by, so he got a grand culinary tour.

….and we kept waiting…

Public Service Announcement:

If you see kids trying to sell lemonade:


Thank you.

At least there was a ghetto tropical swing to goof on…

Then some more kids showed up…

And then, finally…


I had decided at the very start that all proceeds would go to Save The Children.

I found out that if you donate $20 or more, you get a certificate. (The girls would love that)

So…with the $6 we made, my $8  that I had to make change ,and my hubby’s loot in his wallet…we had $20 bucks.

When the certificate comes, I will add it to this post.

All in all, it was an awesome event. Despite the lack of traffic, it was nice to get out in the yard and watch the world go by.

There was, after-all, a luxurious feast the night before… so I was ready to relax.

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