smoked fish dip

If you “like” me on facebook, you know that there was a large kingfish that we caught….we gave a ton to our neighbors, and I kept a few fillets myself for some homemade smoked fish dip. I remember an article I had saved from a magazine that told you how to pan smoke…

It sounded simple enough…place a few smoking chips in a pan, cover with foil, make a hole in the foil for the smoke to escape and place your meat on a rack above it, and cover with a tight fitting lid. Let me rephrase that: TIGHT FITTING LID.

Before you do all that, you want to cure the fish 24 hrs to draw out the moisture. To do that, simply rub the fish with some kosher salt and fresh pepper. You can use other seasonings, I just did it simple this time.

After 24 hrs, it will be firm and look similar to this:

Now, this site is about my adventures and misadventures in food (and life) and this happens to be a misadventure.


Guess what? My lid? NOT TIGHT ENOUGH.

So, when the smoking started, it started. I took the pan and my partially smoked fish out side. I continued the process on the grill. (it was a cast iron pan)

I have no doubt that this process can be done- just use a tight fitting lid. And don’t lift that lid, either until you are outside! The article stated that it will give your home a warm, campfire aroma.

My house? Smelled like a campfire alright. Just a really big one.

As for the fish?

perfect. Yum. Applewood smoked, salty…

I placed bowls of vinegar out to remove the smoky smell. Took 24 hrs, but it’s gone now. Now my house smells like salad. Just kidding. Now my house smells like coffee. It might smell like cookies later….check back with me.

Fish Dip!

In a food processor, place 1 1/2 c flaked smoked fish, 3 tbs sour cream, 3 tbs mayo, 1 tbs cream cheese, 1 tsp old bay, dash garlic powder, splash of hot sauce… add salt if needed- remember, the fish was salted prior to smoking. Serve on crackers with jalapenos or lime wedges…. I finely diced some celery also for extra crunch.

There ya go, folks.  Is this something I would do again? Yes…but with different cookware. 😉

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