turning 38

I turned 38 last week.

I turned 38 and spent my day alone, running errands and wondering when my dad would call and if my sister would start speaking with me again. A dark cloud hung over my head dulling the joy of what should have been a beautiful day. I imagined my stepdaughter making me a card, or at least acknowledging the day- instead it was any ordinary day.I know she’s 11, and has other things on her mind, but it was disappointing nonetheless. She later texted me after her mom reminded her.

A lunch date got cancelled with my mom, and she made it up by bringing over flowers and a cake- as I pulled my own cake out of the oven, lol

My dad and sister never called.

My husband was sick with a nasty virus that I had had earlier in the week, he came home from work with a cake and handed me money to order some software I wanted, wished me a Happy Birthday, ate soup and went to bed.

My youngest daughter sang me Happy Birthday on the way to school, and we  ended up eating dinner in front of the TV  together wearing tiaras and watching The Lorax on Netflix.  And we ate cake and she sung to me once more.

When I tucked her in at night, I told her “Thank you for making my birthday special”

She began to cry. When I asked her why she had tears, she replied,” Because you love me that much, that I’M the one that made it special, they are happy tears, Mommy.”

Birthdays aren’t about the presents or cards or phone calls.

They are about realizing that life’s not about other people making YOU feel special, it’s about making OTHERS feel special.



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