In about a month this little site will be one year old. I want to take this time to thank all of my readers that have followed me from day one…and welcome all of y’all that have found me this year. Thank you for dealing with the early (blurry) pictures…your patience as I made this site what it is now. Thanks for hearing my daily rants about macarons and drug addicts….thanks for giving me feedback and cheering me on. Even though I may not “personally” have met y’all…I hope you know that we’re friends, anyway. And I’m on your side…unless you just did something really bad. Like murder…or spilling oil. Crisco in the kitchen is okay, the big spills in the ocean aren’t. So as long as that’s not on or in your agenda-all is well. In the next few weeks look for some giveaways (yay) and they will be some nice ones, too. Just to thank you.

Have a great hump day.