fresh tomato tart

When I told my hubby I made a tomato tart, he wasn’t sure what to think. See, he thinks of tarts and cakes as sweets. So, things like tomato tarts and Thai fish cakes sound gross to him. Then, he tried the tomato tart and…..well, let’s just say he’s a fan of savory tarts.

So, y’all that keep up with my assorted adventures know we went to pick tomatoes…like this one:

oh, so yum.

Now, I decided to make a tart…geez, I have really been doing a lot with the pate brisse dough I learned to make. But…you can just use a refrigerated pic crust to save time.

A neat trick to get the dough smooth in the pan? (I was too lazy to roll it all the way out…)

Baby bottles!!!! See?!

think of them as mini rolling pins.

the usual “blind baking” process…what’s the deal with that name, anyway? You take a raw crust-bake it lined with beans, remove the beans, poke holes and brush with a beaten egg, and re-bake. I don’t know about you, but I have to use my eyes throughout that process. Is the pastry blind? Maybe because it doesn’t know at that point if it will be swet or savory….I have no clue. I should google it.

Here it is…see how blind?! hahahaha…..

while that’s cooling, you can slice tomatoes and sprinkle with a little salt…give em a few minutes to drain on a paper towel.

that’s my hand up there. 😮

Now, arrange in the crust with some fresh basil:

I ♥ basil!

In a bowl, combine:

2/3 c ricotta cheese

1/2 c parmesean cheese

1/4 tsp fresh black pepper

1 clove chopped garlic

2 eggs

2 tbs olive oil

*there is no salt -the tomatoes already have it and so does the parmesean!

Pour over the tomatoes and top with slices of mozzarella.

Bake at 350°F for about 35 minutes, if you prefer a more browned crust, broil for a few minutes, but *watch carefully*!

This recipe is one adapted from Cooking Light

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