chocolate cups

chocolate cups!~aka using leftover dough and ganache

Have you seen Pinterest? I’m assuming so since it’s taken off like a rumor in a middle school bathroom. But, this is sorta-kinda- where I got the idea for these “cups”. Except the cups I saw on Pinterest were made with pie crust. And, chocolate chip cookies make a better pie crust, in my opinion.

I have a feeling you agree…


I have to admit, I have about 17 posts I’m “behind” on. I made these before my Orlando trip  nightmare, and had every intention of posting them two weeks ago. But, things happened… my kid got sick, my car broke. You know… the speed bumps in life.

Good news is I’m sharing it today, and  I have a little household news segment.

{insert cheesy news music}

Household news at the mama’s house:

Old man Spike is still kicking it, and at 17 years that’s no small feat for a dog.

The turtles have been busy “at it” but no eggs have been located at the current moment. (bummer)

Pirate Lady, (the bird) has officially decided that Mama is her favorite.

The girls: The battlefield is at full force with daily backup troops (mom and dad) being called in to bring peace.

The structure: Mama wants to convert the garage into a kitchen, but Papa said no. (bummer)

This concludes our segment of household news.

Back to the cups:

I happened to have a small amount of cookie dough left over in my fridge, and I rolled it out to approximately 1/4″ thick.

Using a round cookie cutter, I cut circles and placed them on the bottom of a nonstick muffin tin. I pressed them a bit to conform to the sides more, as well.

This is how they came out after baking.

I filled them with some chocolate ganache I had in my fridge, but I bet they would be amazing filled with ice cream. Don’t you agree?

For the recipes, go here:

Chocolate chip tart

Chocolate Ganache




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