foolproof turnovers

Have you ever noticed that the word fool is a polite version of idiot? I debated naming these idiot-proof, but that sounded kinda mean. And, I’m generally not a mean person. I say generally because everyone has a little bit of mean in them. Some people just use their mean more, I guess. Currently, I try to only use my mean on proper occasions, such as- killing mosquitoes, fighting off monsters for my toddler, and of course weeds and algae. (The algae isn’t in the garden, it’s in the reef tank,silly!) I get super mad at drug-addict “parents”,too. That’s where I really have to control my mean. And with creeps out there. I could really let my mean out of some of the really bad people out there. Okay! Enough about that- time for nice foolproof turnovers! YUM. These are great to make if you forgot you had to bring dessert or breakfast to __________. (fill in)

Do you remember my empanada post? I used those wrappers. If  you look around your grocer’s freezer, they may be in the Latin frozen section-or with all the frozen breads and doughs.  As you know, I shop a lot at the big Latin supermarkets (I think I am one of the few only gringo.) But everyone is really nice to me. Did I ever tell you the cashier told me her unborn baby’s name? Her husband didn’t even know it yet! I was the only one. Isn’t it neat how a stranger can totally make you feel so special? That’s my assignment for you guys today. Go make someones day. Compliment a stranger. But, don’t fake it. You have to really mean it.  It will make them smile and you feel good. That’s just nice.  Back to pie- er turnovers. The dough! I get this brand. Unless you live near a big Latin market- you may have trouble finding this brand. Other brands are fine. No, this brand is not endorsing me. They can-I would love a years’ supply….hello out there ?! Send supplies!

Thaw em and ploop some pie filling inside. I made cherry. Yum. Fold em over and crimp the edges, spinkle with some sugar-pop em in the oven (350° ) for 20 min. Done. See, you’d have to be a fool to not be able to do that. Really. Just don’t use too much filling- 2-3 tablespoons work.

good hot or cold. With or without ice cream. With or without a plate…..I could go on…

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