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Every year, my husband and I head down to Islamorada to do some fishing & boating… I’ve written about my past adventures here, here, and here.  This year, we decided to bring our dogs- for two reasons: it was financially better, and my little dog is 17- he doesn’t need to be boarded at that age. We also brought our four year old human, and at this point- I’m pretty sure she’ll be out-fishing my husband by age eight.

disclaimer to the haters: My step-daughter stays with her grandmother during the summer, a week spent fishing every day is not fun to her, her grandmother’s is much funner.  My husband can only take vacations during the summer months, and seas are there calmest during the summer as well. The three of us are passionate about fishing, and that is why it’s done that way.

Unfortunately, we didn’t catch any “keepers” although it was fun reeling in the assorted Bonitas, and letting them go.

The little place we stay at is Coconut Cove Resort and Marina, it’s super cheap off season, and they have cottages with tiny kitchens so you don’t have to blow a ton of money eating out every night. 🙂

Although we ate in most nights, we got snacks on occasion:

Okay, a cheeseburger isn’t a snack, I know. I finally got to try the “tuna nachos” at Island Grill… (top left corner) they are OHMYGOODNESS good. I’m hoping to duplicate the recipe soon Friday.

I learned some new culinary information about my man, too. He loves conch and tartar sauce. He was telling me how much he hated it, then he was eating it a few days later (unknowingly) and said, “Man, this sauce it good!” Oh course I laughed and informed him of what it was.

Our trip usually involves a trip to Key West, ( it’s the only day we aren’t on the boat) mainly to see if our wedding picture is still at Captian Tony’s and if our dollar is still at The No Name Pub.  I used to get a new charm for my bracelet as well, but… it just wasn’t in the budget this year. 🙁 Oh well…. I ended up with Kino’s instead. In case you don’t know what Kino’s are, they are these awesome little sandals that are made in Key West… super comfy, inexpesive & very hippy-hip.

I do have to say one thing about this trip… it was my first trip where I didn’t lug around my big ol’ camera. 99% of the pics were taken with my iPhone…. seriously, the most amazing camera is in that baby. I feel so blessed to be able to own one. 🙂 The lighthouse above is called “alligator reef” it’s about five miles off shore and only accessible by boat.  We decided to stop there after we fished in the morning at “the hump” which is about 15 miles offshore… in other words, we were in the middle of the sea.

Sometimes, while you’re in the middle of the sea, you’ll see sea creatures. Like dolphins.

And, when you wake up early enough….and get your but on the boat in time (5am), you’ll catch this:

This sunrise was taken with my phone and we were going about 25 knots. (aka hauling a** in a boat.)

Total lucky shot.

I hope you enjoyed going on vay-cay with us. I’ll have some vittles tomorrow, something sweet… maybe salty. I’m still making my mind up. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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