highlights from 2011

  I debated jumping on the blogger bandwagon and doing a “best of” post… so, that’s why I’m very late doing it. I couldn’t decide.  Anyway, I started to go through all of my pictures and found a few of my personal favorites, because you guys already know your own favorites, right? I don’t need to tell you what you like!

I made  these last January. They’re whole wheat crepes with apples, brie, turkey and arugula. Mmmm.

I also took a fondant class and made this cake… it’s so funny.. it seems like much longer than a year ago.

In February, I made the perfect cookie. And, I turned another year older.

I got to meet Leslie and Joelen and have fun at Frito Lay

There was junky but fun camp food

I shared my favorite on top of spaghetti recipe…

and, my favorite shredded chicken for tacos.

I got to meet some more bloggers and make a cool video for Moovision

You can watch my video here


My daughter turned four and I dirtied up a lot of dishes doing this:

So, I decided to put a list together. Because food brings back nice memories of what is now- last year. I’m looking forward to sharing the new year with y’all- and I have a few new plans for this site as well. Yippee!


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