cheeseburgers in paradise

I know you’ve heard the song… if not, well.. it’s one of those “vacation songs” and sorry, I had to get all cheesy and make a post on it. Woah. I didn’t even mean that pun. Now I am cheesy and corny.

When I first read this recipe, it reminded me of my taco loaf – and, in case you haven’t tried that yet- try it. It’s keeper-good. As for these- the same! Yay for keeper recipes!

It’s been a while since I have done some household news gossip also, so it’s time for that, too…We just got back from a little trip to Islamorada and now I am getting ready to leave to do more filming work that involves food and a few other really cool bloggers. Now, I was told “shhh” on the project, so I am not too sure what all I can say. I just hope that there aren’t any wardrobe issues like here. I went out and got a couple new items… just in case.

Ugh I think I’m sounding waaaay too narcissistic, huh?

Maybe I need to be narcissistic for the voyeuristic.

Personally, I love reading about other people’s lives.

I also have dishes in my sink from last night (gasp!) well.. it was the 4th of July.

The original charcoal burger called for the nacho & taco cheese blend to be placed on the bun, we did that… but the hubby wanted more on top.

He’s so cheesy. Oh boy… I need to stop while I’m ahead.

Now: this week:

I will be at the airport with my daughter 24 hours from now.

I have 5 hours of traveling to do, not including renting a car, etc.

I’m so morbid I am going to write my husband a “just in case” letter.

I figure I won’t leave y’all out, either, so…

“Just in case”- I love you guys. ♥

PS- Thank you to Sargento, for letting me make and publish one of your recipes.


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