I feel really bad for not posting while on vacation. I had plans to, but you know how vacations are- sometimes ya just want to forget plans. During my vacation, this little site turned one. You know what that means? GIVEAWAY TIME! So….this week tomorrow, when I start back with my daily recipe or thought I will be also hosting a giveaway. Stay tuned for further details. For now….here’s some other “stuff”.

That’s me! We stayed in Islamorada (the sport fishing capitol of the world) but took a day to drive down to key west. For the same things we do every year there.

1) share a drink from Capt Tony’s (for the free cup)

2) eat a slice of pizza

3) get a giant cookie

4) pick out a charm for my charm bracelet

5) make sure this is still there:

We put it there 3 years ago. Something fun about going back to see it every year…

As far as food goes…we went here:

It was really more of a restaurant- on the way my little one kept asking if we were going to “pirate” house instead of “pilot house” …they are in Key Largo. Go there. Very neat place. Yes, it is glass bottom-and they have holes in the tables with tubes that you put food into- and all these fish show up. That’s just fun. We ate junk food there. I took a picture of it.

Yum, chips and cheese dip.

It was really hard to get a pic of the sea-life below. You just have to go there.

I am officially one of those moms that says “go stand over there and let me get your picture!” Eeek. Oh well, must be something that’s triggered after childbirth.

back to the food- we cooked at our place mostly. Here are some cheeseburgers.

…and steaks

fresh corn…best I ever had….my hubby got us some “raw” Outback Steakhouse potatoes. You know why they are so good? Dipped in melted butter and rolled in kosher salt before baking. That’s what makes em soooooo good. Butter rocks. But, y’all knew that. Try it.