Well, I think I realized what’s up.

With my horrid mood, that is. It’s not a bitchy mood. It’s an “I-don’t care-to-do-anything-I-usually-love-to-do” mood. Also known as: “BLAHHH”

1) my monthly visitor, Aunt Flo is on her way

2) something has happened to the moon

3) I have been out of my Country Life Omega Mood Factors for a week.

number 3 is the most likely culprit. As y’all know, i spent 14 years managing a health food store. There are many items I swear by- some of them I also swear and live by. That is one of them. It is a fatty acid compound that’s proportioned in a manner that it stabilizes mood swings and emotions. Good stuff. No, this isn’t an ad. And I wish Country Life would comp me for this with a free bottle or something…maybe that would snap me out of it… hmmm.