pomegranate-cranberry bars

cranberry bar 034Butter… always makes thinks better. Even “blah” moods. So, when I saw this recipe on Coleen’s Recipes it got me inspired- and out of my “funk”! 🙂

now,  she got the recipe from Fine Living magazine, and I got it from her, and changed it up a bit…

cranberry bar 002

21 tbs of butter. Yep, 2 sticks and then some….

cranberry bar 003

melt it. What ever did we do without microwaves? I remember when my mama got her 1st. It was a HUGE deal in our house- and it took up the WHOLE counter. My first microwave snack? Pillsbury FROZEN microave popcorn. Before the shelf-stable kind, I guess. It was really really good. Really.

cranberry bar 005

Change #1 here made by me! Instead of water with the cranberies, I used this stuff. Oh yessssss! (p.s.-I will put entire recipe at end of post)

cranberry bar 011

this is probally the best, easiest shortbread crust ever! I am already dreaming of thinks to do with it… involving pecans and chocolate.

cranberry bar 015

and the pomegranate-cranberry mixture rocks, too!

cranberry bar 019

mmmm. See the oooey gooey sweet tartness…don’t ya wish you were here to lick the spoon?

cranberry bar 009

I added some more toches to the topping that included cinnamon and pecans….ooo and oats. (full moon)

cranberry bar 020

The hard part? (they always say this in recipies) letting it cool off before ya cut em and eat em….

cranberry bar 027

so so so worth it though! Here is the original recipe:

melt and cool 21tbs butter

add 3/4c sugar and 2 egg yolks

mix in: 3c and 3tbs flour (just stir it all together)

now:  line a 13×9″ pan with foil-let it overhang for easier removal

take out 2c of your dough and press it in the pan. Prick it with a fork and freeze 10 min or so. Bake at 325 for 20 min in the center rack- er on the center rack. You know what I mean…

Now: take 1/4 c water and boil it up with 1 bag of cranberries, and 1c sugar. (I added vanilla, too) boil it for 3-4 min then reduce heat and keep cokking until it thickens (about 8min) Don’t worry it thickens more as it cools.

With the remaining dough: add 1/4 c sugar and crumble it up a bit. (I also added cinnamon, oats and nuts)

Spread the cranberry mix on your baked crust and sprinkle the remaining dough on top. Bake at 350 ON THE UPPER SHELF. (that part is important) 25min later you’re done. But you have to let em cool all the way down before ya cut em.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I apologize for being so blah- went through a blue period, I suppose. I guess I should have made something with BLUEberries, then. Next time I’m blue I will. 🙂

cranberry bar 035

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