I have renamed this- because I had a realization at Walmart yesterday….my roll cakes are like giant versions of Little Debbie snack cakes. It’s true. She has a Boston creme roll. And this. So-I am going to keep up with this unintended “theme” My next project? Imagine a Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie …. that is the size of a PIE? How yummy would a wedge of that be? Swiss cake roll, it’s called…. but this one is bigger and better!

beat 5 egg whites w/ 1/4 c sugar until stiff peaks form… see my peak!?!?

beat 5 egg yolks and 1/2 c sugar along with 1cup MINUS 2 tbs flour, 2 tbs cocoa powder, 1/4 tsp salt


fold the egg mixtures together and spread in a greased and lined jelly roll pan- if you don’t have a jelly roll pan check your pots and pans- it just may be what you call your potato pan or cookie sheet! Mine is 11″x16″ and 1/2″ thick.


350 at 17 min will produce this! Run a knife along the edges and empty onto a powdered sugar coated dish towel.


trim away the “rough ” edges, and eat them


Roll up with the towel, and allow to cool


I spread this one with a horribly unhealthy but yummy butter cream frosting. 1/4c butter 1/2 c shortening, 1tsp vanilla, 1/4 tsp salt and 3 c powdered sugar.

ahhh a bit more powdered sugar and this time I drizzled with Hershey’s special dark syrup. Now, I have to admit, this is still untouched in my fridge. We got home late after soccer practice so we couldn’t do dessert. So, I have only tried the trimmed edges of the cake, the frosting from the bowl and the syrup on my finger…. but I can tell you this: I will be digging into this giant snack cake very very soon…. yum!