highlights and lowlights

Well, I went on a little getaway with my hubby over the weekend…and we had a good time except the day we left our reef tank crashed. And, when I say crashed… I’m talking bad chemistry, dead fish,crabs,snails,shrimp and coral. Very lame. Very depressing. So there was a bit of a cloud over our little getaway, with an uneasiness about what more carnage we may return home to.

We returned home to a unbalanced tank, with some struggling corals and high alkalinity with low Ph. I know… I’m getting too technical. Anyway, I’m hoping we can get it re-balanced. The smallest infraction can set of a downward spiral of chemical reactions in such a small world. Like breaking a mirror. Which happened on my birthday. And…well…let’s just see some pics for now.

This is my cake. It was a partial disaster. My fondant was too dry…and it cracked. So….I covered that big ol’ crack with some flowers. And lots of leaves. Whew.

there were also some major flaws along the sides…really. But, one thing I learned in all my cake classes was that butter cream can fix anything. And it did. Betcha can’t tell there are huge fondant flaws under that….sorta.

Okay, back to our trip:

We went fishing.

We caught everything that was out of season. Grrr.

we went all over the ocean…looking and looking for fish.

After a while I began to feel like one of these…

…..and then I realized it must really suck to have to hunt for your food.

…and I also realized how happy I am to be human.

Have a great day, folks…  🙂

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