cinnamon roll waffles

cinnamon roll waffles~ when you just can’t decide in the morning.

I am a sucker for cinnamon rolls. Something about cinnamon rolls… they’re like a Saturday morning with cartoons in food form.

When I grew up, if you wanted to watch cartoons on T.V., you had to wake up early on Saturday am. There was no Cartoon network, Disney channel, Nickelodeon… or MTV for that matter. So, if you wanted to keep up with the lunchbox characters of your friends, you had to wake up and watch them.

Then VCRs came out…

…and cable TV.

But, there were still cinnamon rolls.

My mama didn’t go all Martha and make them from scratch anymore after these came out:

And, there are days when I’m not feeling  very “Martha” myself.

Heck, there are days when I don’t even want to put them in a pan.

Hence, plan B. I decided to stick em in my waffle iron to “see what would happen”.

When I was a kid, and we got our first microwave, I’d put things in there, too. You know, “to see what would happen”.

Ivory soap was pretty cool. So were marshmallows.

As you can see, they turned out pretty good. Keep your waffle iron on low and be patient. Smoosh em down a little bit, and just wait till they’re feeling bready, instead of dough-y.

I’m sorry, that’s the best explanation I can give. I’m sure y’all can figure it out, though. 🙂 You guys are smart.


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