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chicken noodle cassoulet

      Quite possibly the worst name ever… but my kids named it so what do you do? I’m open to other names. I made this a while back- in an attempt to get the nutrition of homemade bone broth and chicken soup into my two year old who just cannot eat…

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elderberry gummy bears

I have a confession: I’m a germaphobe in recovery. I know it sounds funny… but I have struggled ever since I was in third grade, with germs… I’m not sure if it started as a post traumatic stress disorder when my mother was raped and left for dead when I was eight. I…

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Chai Chia breakfast pudding #stashtearecipechallenge

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did. A huge than you goes out to Stash tea for their support in this contest. Be sure to check them out on social media for recipes,and delicious teas! AND: be sure to use this code for a special deal: THEVILLAGECOOK-SC Be sure…

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