spinach stuffed steak

Mmmm, I am on my spinach kick. After the cheese and spinach ravioli I had to do the mixture with steak. Oh yes and yum. The bad part? Not booty friendly. The good part? Tasty and low carb if you do that. I figure a low carb meal and then make up for the carbs with dessert…. I know, I know, that goes against the whole concept. Sorry, Dr. Atkins.By the way, I met him once at a trade show during my health food days… and attended a luncheon lecture. They fed us carbs. Can you imagine?

He was a very nice man.

He signed a book for me.

I couldn’t read his handwriting….oh yeah, that’s a doctor thing.

Imagine if when people typed , it typed in handwriting?


I was trained in penmanship by my grandmother. She was so awesome for that.

Back to steak.

No! Halloween recap 2010. (insert election coverage music)

Ten houses took nearly an hour. Why? Well, my youngest decided to put a pink rock in her shoe. Why? So that the bad rocks don’t get in there!

This caused stopping every ten feet or so, to adjust her shoes.

Finally, the rock wore a hole in her slipper-style shoe and it was lost. So, that meant we were the ones with the angel and the barefoot fairy pink butterfly.She got annoyed when people called her a fairy.

So, in between picking flowers, adjusting rocks, informing people of non-fairy-ness,  and trick or treating, ten houses took 50 minutes.

But, it was the funnest Halloween ever. Because…

there was candy…

a mad pumpkin. He was mad because I messes up on his nose. Don’t drink beer and try to be master carver. Bad idea.

guess what I am doing to these guys later? I’m going to butcher them, drizzle them with maple syrup and roast them. Then, they are going into something you guys will love.

jeez- that sun was bright. I am not sure if my eyes are even open here.

This is the girls Halloween dinner junk food. I figure go for the gusto with all the candy…might as well toss in some fun processed food to go with it. Hey, it was Halloween. They loved it.

Now, for the adult chomps:

Um, I don’t know what cut of meat this was. Skirt? Flank? I didn’t write it on the bag it was frozen in… because I am sure I said to myself on that day: “Oh, I don’t need to write it, I’ll remember that.”

{Nice one, self. Now your readers have to identify a random slab of meat.}


Does this image help? Top round? Some sort of beef?

Ah yes… with toothpicks, now I know. Not really.

sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and bread crumbs…

To make it, find some nice thin pieces of meat and season them. Spread with the spinach mixture (recipe doubled) found here

Roll up, secure with toothpicks and bake at 425 for 20 minutes.

For the kids’ meals…

Since it’s Halloween, scare yourself by opening up a can of biscuit dough. Warning: Contents under pressure.

Wrap strips of dough around “mummies” and bake at 425 until golden.

I also cut out pumpkins and ghosts from bread, and cut out matching cheese shapes, and toasted those up. I used ketchup for the faces… yeah…ketchup and cheese go together.

I hope y’all had a nice holiday. I am loving the comments on the contest, keep them coming!!! Awesome ideas. I have plans for this week based on a lot of suggestions. Maybe another video, too…if this %#@* zit goes away.  🙂 ewww.

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